Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe!
Elterntreffen im August 2012
Dear Schroder, Very very warm greetings from Nkwenda. Yesterday 17th August we had a parents' meeting at Nkwenda. We discussed many things concerning with the development of the centre. They all thank Nkwenda Network for all you are doing in supporting the centre. Today, 18th August, the students have left for a one month rest until 17th September when they will be back. The major aim for their leave is the national census which is going to take place on 25 August. When they come back they will be at school until late November 2012. I have attached the photos concerning the parents meeting and students leaving for their leave today. Convey my greetings to all. Jeremiah
Bildimpressionen vom Treffen mit den Eltern der AZUBIS
Bewegen Sie zum Vergrößern den Mauszeiger über das Bild!
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