Ende der Sommerferien
Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe!
Dear Schroider, Very warm greetings from Nkwenda. Thank you very much for your mail. The students and staff members are doing fine after coming back from the vacation. They are all very sorry for the death of Ma Marriane. The new term was opened on 16th July 2012. 95 students have already reported. This year 42 students are expected to go home after their final examination in November/December 2012. 7 of them are capenters, 8 of them are Masonry and brick layers (builders) and the rest, 27 who are the majority will be tailors. Therefore , for them to be able to start work (employ themselves), 27 sewing machines are needed, 7 carpentry tool sets are needed and 8 building sets are required. These  42 items is estimated to cost at least 10,500,000. (ten million five hundred thousand Tanzania shillings) which is 250,000 for each item. Mean while we are dealing with making furniture for Bweranyange girls secondary school library. These are chairs, tables and shelves. We are expecting to finish this order in September this year. We have also harvested coffee which is estimated to be 10 bags of 80 kgs each. It is now very dry and we have little water in our tanks therefore students have to fetch water daily. The new generator is working  properly. We are using it even in cutting and smoothing timbers. We brought it while most of the students had already left for their leave. They all thank you for supplying us with it. Let me end here now. I am looking forward to writing to you in the near future. Convey our greetings to all brothers and sisters in the Network.
Die Sommerferien sind zu Ende! Am 16. Juli  wurde die Ausbildung im YFTC fortgesetzt. In einer Email vom 24.07.2012 berichtet der Leiter des Jugendzentrums, Pfarrer Jeremiah Rugimbana, über Aktivitäten, Pläne und Erfolge. Deutlich geht aus der Mail hervor, wie Arbeit und Ausbildung im Jugendzentrum eng verknüpft sind mit dem Prinzip “Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe”!
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